Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A change of plans--but so much better

Good morning, you wonderful people!  I hope you've all had a great weekend.  We just got back from 3 fabulous days in Chicago--Mr. Fantastic and I went with another couple, and we had a blast.  I will tell you more about it in a different post.

For this morning, though, I want to talk to you about giveaways.  I am actually hoping to do at least one more giveaway this week, BUT my original plan has changed a bit.  I had 3 $10 Starbucks gift cards that I had planned to give away here over the next couple of weeks.  It would have been fun.  But now they are a small part of a much, much bigger and better giveaway.  You still have a chance to win them, and even better, you have a chance to make a difference.

Do you remember Patti, whose daughter Lily has Down syndrome?  Over the past few months, Patti has become a wonderful advocate for orphans with Down syndrome.  She is probably quite tired of hearing me use the word "amazing" in reference to her, but just wait until you hear what she is doing now.  Starting today, Patti is hosting the Pure Love Giveaway.  My friends, you HAVE to check this out.  Here are just a few of the prizes you could win...

  • an iPad (with accessories)
  • a Nikon SLR camera (I want this so bad I can taste it!)

  • a beautiful pair of diamond earrings
  • more jewelry
  • hats, clothes, and accessories for your kids
  • and more!
In fact, I just did a quick tally in my head, and more than $2,300 in prizes are being given away!  That is a LOT of love right there.

But really, the best part is not what you can get, but what you can give.  Patti's giveaway is once again centered around raising money for international orphans with Down syndrome--and specifically, these orphans...
Olga's adoption is in process!  Praise the Lord for this wonderful family--who will be announced soon--who have come forward to welcome her as their daughter.  But they need our help.  International adoptions are far from affordable.

Kareen is also being rescued from the orphanage--and from the transfer to the mental institution that she was facing.  You can learn more about her family here, but they also need our help.

And dear, sweet Peter.  Although Peter has been listed with Reece's Rainbow from birth in 2007, not a single inquiry has been made about him.  He is now facing a transfer to the institution this year.  Please help us raise money for Peter's home so that someone may take notice of this little boy and bring him home.

Friends, we have a chance to do something huge here.  HUGE.  Please join me in making a difference in the lives of these children and the families who are adopting them--and in praying for the family God has intended for Peter.  And in the process, you have the opportunity to maybe get something back, too.  So PLEASE, go enter Patti's giveaway and spread the word.  Thank you in advance.  I already have tears of joy in my eyes for what we are working together to do.

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