Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sick Day

Ahhhh… long weekends. I thought I appreciated them when I was a kid—no school, no responsibilities, nothing to do but play or watch TV or… whatever I wanted. I didn't think I would appreciate them as a parent, but I really really do. There is something special about getting an extra day at home with Lamb, listening to the kids play, taking a break from the standard housework to play with the kids, just because it's a "holiday."

That being said, we had a Very Busy Weekend at the zoo. And by Very Busy Weekend, and I mean that my kids wore pajamas for three days straight and we never left the house.

And actually, even though it sounds like I'm being ironical (hmmmm… I used that word to be silly, but my spell checker doesn't seem to mind it… interesting…), we actually DID wear PJs for three days straight, and we WERE quite busy.

Mr. Fantastic was home with us all weekend, which is a rare treat. Since he is self-employed and the economy sucks, he usually tries to work on Saturdays. But I woke up with a severe case of the dark & twisties on Saturday morning, so he stayed home instead. We (and by "we" I mean he…) are working on a massive garage reorg, so he spent most of the weekend out there. Meanwhile, the big kids and I did a deep clean of their room, which was MUCH needed. Oh my word. That's all I'm going to say about that.

And between my boys being sick and Lamb getting back her cough (which never seems to go away for long—let's hope we actually make it to the ENT this time before it goes away again), we kept everyone home on Sunday, too. We absolutely love our church and don't like to miss… but it was nice to have a big chunk of time where we were all home and could just enjoy… even though the kiddos didn't feel 100% well.

Roo does seem to be feeling better—thanks for your kind words and prayers. He is definitely still not feeling good—yesterday he fell asleep on my chest (which is highly unusual for him) around 1 PM and slept for three hours (also very unusual for him!), and then he fell asleep in my mother-in-law's arms about an hour early last night—but I'm not quite as concerned as I was a few days ago.

And I'm glad that he is starting to recover, because in the meantime, my precious children have managed to share all those germs with their mama. I am on night number 2 of almost no sleep, not to mention all of my actual sickie symptoms, so I envision the day ahead to involve a lot of television. Yesterday we managed to make it through the entire day with NO TV. Not that this is a major accomplishment in our house, but since I AM sick I was pretty proud of myself for keeping them occupied all day without it. But today… I surrender. PBS Kids can HAVE my kids for the day. Let's just hope that Roo takes a sudden and profound interest in WordWorld, or I'm going to have to call for back-up.

Where is my substitute mommy?

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