I love the chance to share with women, whether it is a small gathering of moms, a conference full of ladies of all ages, or anything in between. I am happy to customize a topic and/or theme for your event.

Popular Topics

  • The Significant Life - Where do you find your worth? From your accomplishments? Your popularity? Your busy schedule? It is so easy to throw ourselves into a search for significance and come up wanting. Let's talk about what significance really is and how we find it.
  • "No" is the New "Yes": Freedom from the stress and guilt of overcommitment - “Yes” is such a simple word to say—in fact, for many of us it flows off the tongue a little too smoothly. Whether it is from a desire to please, a desire to serve, or a fear of missing out, we can easily find ourselves entrapped in the commitments that we have made, enduring life instead of loving it. Join us as we learn when to say “yes”, when to say “no”, and how to enjoy them both.
  • Created to Be - It's OK to have dreams for our children--and ourselves--but sometimes our dreams and God's plans collide. Learn how to let go of our worldly expectations and embrace the idea that we are unique creations of God, designed by Him for a purpose.
  • Bridging the Gap with Grace - Have you ever seen a child with special needs and been at a loss for words? Or worse, said the wrong thing? This great session, designed for both moms with typical kids and moms with special needs children, will help us approach each other with a new perspective--and a lot of grace.
  • Forfeiting the Mompetition - It is so easy for us as moms to judge and compete against one another. Shouldn't we love and support each other instead?
  • When I am Weak - Did the apostle Paul really say he rejoices in trials and sufferings? How? WHY? Let's take a look at 2 Corinthians and find a different perspective on hard times.
  • The Family Forest - My story of finding my identity in Christ while seeking out my biological roots.
  • Humility in an Age of Entitlement - In a culture completely focused on "looking out for number one", how do we teach humility to our children? And why should we?
  • Adoption
  • Raising a child with special needs
  • Motherhood
  • Topics by request - I am happy to customize a topic to meet your needs!



Please contact me with event details, and I will be happy to work with you.

I especially have a heart for MOPS moms and do not charge a speaking fee for MOPS groups! (For groups farther than 30 miles, I ask only for travel expenses.)

Contact Me

To reach me about your next event--or just to chat--please e-mail me at katyepling@gmail.com.

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