Monday, February 14, 2011


"Mommy, how did everyone in our family get to know Jesus?"

Lamb asked this as we got in the car last night to take dinner to some friends. I explained to her that I had grown up in a Christian family, where we went to church every Sunday much like our family does now, and that I asked Jesus to be my savior when I was just 5 years old—like she is now.

Daddy then told her his story—that he didn't grow up going to church, but that he learned about Jesus when he was in college, and then became a follower of Christ.

"So…" she says as she processes it all, "Mommy's story is like most people's, and Daddy's story is kinda different."

We explained to her that Mommy's story might be similar to hers and many of her church friends', but many, many people don't grow up going to church. They learn about Jesus later in life, if at all.

"But… but we should tell them about Jesus."

Yes, we told her, that is one of God's commands to us—to tell everyone in the world about Jesus.

"I heard that a lot of people in China don't know about Jesus. When can we go there?"

Mr. Fantastic told her that he hopes we can take her anywhere in the world she wants to go when she graduates from college.

"OK," she answers, "but you'd better start getting ready now. I want to take lots of food and clothes to people who need them, and lots of stuff so we can tell them about Jesus."

Thank you, God, for this little girl who inspires us.

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Katie said...

I LOVED this post! What a special little girl you have!