Friday, January 28, 2011

Winner & New Sponsor

Good morning!  Thank you all for your Mommy Confessions.  Some of them made me feel better, some made me nod in agreement, some made me laugh out loud!  I appreciate all of them!  :-)
According to, our winner was comment #18...

"Lynn B said...

My dd knows all the words to Kesha and Lady Gaga songs. She's three. But then again, I loved Madonna and I turned out ok.... :)"

So congrats, Lynn!  You will get the chance to pick one of Melissa's beautiful wipes cases!

I am also very happy to announce our next sponsor!  I was doing some digging around on Etsy, and came across a shop I just couldn't resist: RooRooNatural.  She has some great things on this site!  Check out this beautiful mobile (which she also has in purple and pink--I'm honestly thinking about getting one for Lamb's room)...

and this great necklace that your baby can play with while nursing...
...and my personal favorite, these amazing blocks...!

Yep, these are going to be making an appearance in my house in the very near future.

So I contacted Chandra, the owner of the shop, and she has graciously offered a discount of 15% to Roo's friends.  Thank you, Chandra!  Simply enter the code "zoorooroo" at checkout to get your discount.  Hurry, before I buy everything!  :-)

Mr. Fantastic and I are leaving with some friends in the morning to spend a weekend in the Windy City.  Since he considers my laptop to be my mistress (If a man has a mistress, what does a woman have?  A mister?), I'm thinking it's going to have to stay behind, which means no "Weekend Zoo."  But I have some posts in the works for next week, including another sponsor or two, as we get ready to celebrate a big day for one of my kiddos.

So have a great weekend, and don't forget to snag your discount at RooRooNatural!  See you soon!

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Lynn B said...

Yay! I love those blocks too. Hmmmm.