Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Weekend Zoo: Play date

I'm writing from a retreat on contentment.  Who knew that I had so much to learn?  OK, actually, I fully knew that I had a lot to learn about being content, but now my eyes are truly opening.  It's good stuff.

But today we're keeping it light, so let me run you through my little checklist of insanity that has made up my past few days:
  • Girls' night with my favorite little girl and some of our BFFs -- check
  • Stay up until 11 PM cleaning my house for a play date -- check
  • Play date with 7 girls from my high school graduating class and all their kiddos -- check
  • Quick clean-up of the house and pack for the retreat -- check
  • Go on retreat, leaving my 4 loves to fend for themselves -- check
And still to come... go home and get kids to bed, go to church in the morning, go to dinner with my family, have another play date, and then another, and then another... All between now and Tuesday.  Something tells me I might need to schedule in some down-time for me and my kiddos.  But at least we're wearing ourselves out having fun.  ;-)

And just to show you the houseful that we had in our zoo on Friday...

Check out that crew!  A lot can change in 10-15 years.

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