Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tonight's post will be a short one, since I am literally nodding off as I type, but I needed to take a moment and say THANK YOU.

Thank you for the comments and e-mails of encouragement after yesterday's post.

And thank you most of all for the prayers.  They were truly felt & effective.  While I can't say that yesterday will go in my scrapbook of the Top 10 Best Days Ever (if such a scrapbook existed), and while I may have had a little less patience with my children than I should have, and there were definite moments of weakness and sadness... I can tell you that overall the day trended upward and it ended with me in a much better place emotionally than where I started.  And today has been SO much better than I anticipated!  And yes, that was helped along by a visit with a dear friend who I hadn't seen in 10 years AND a beautiful 65-degree day... but ultimately, it was the prayers of my friends that have kept me afloat.

Thank you.

And good night.  ;-)

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mina said...

i'm happy to hear that katy.:) prayers continue for you today too.