Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Weekend Zoo: In the kitchen

Has it really been almost a week since I posted? I'm so sorry, friends. There are a variety of reasons for this, but let's talk more about that another day.

Today is a day of cooking & baking. Mr. Fantastic has recently started volunteering at a local organization that provides a variety of services for the homeless, which has just been a fabulous new endeavor for him, even in the short amount of timet that he's been doing it. Anyway, they received a donation of bananas from a local gas station, but the bananas were all black, so the shelter was just going to throw them away. Instead, Mr. Fantastic brought them home, and we are going to spend the day baking banana bread!  After that we're going to make one of my very favorite recipes--Mushroom Manicotti.  YUM!  I always make it when we have leftover ham--it is super-delicious and super-unhealthy.  (The recipe calls for feta cheese, cream cheese, and whipping cream, among other things...)  After that I'm going to decide what to do about Roo's birthday cake.  I did find a cake pan that will make a kangaroo, but it requires a 12x18 sheet cake pan, which I do not have and am not sure I want to buy.  I am also considering making several cakes in the shapes of different animals as part of a general zoo theme, but that would mean I wouldn't have any kangaroo stuff... decisions, decisions...

Have a great weekend!  Hopefully I'll escape from the kitchen in time to share some more posts with you all next week!

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Erin Suttle said...

I have a sheet pan you are more than welcome to borrow if you'd like. Just let me know!