Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Weekend Zoo: Monkey Business

Welcome to the Weekend Zoo, where we explore only light and fun topics. Today we're talking about the Monkey in our zoo. He is definitely our family entertainer, and this morning I want to share with you a few of his recent antics…

Monkey Tail Tale #1…
Monkey: "Mommy, I wish I could have car boots for Christmas."
Me: "Car boots? You mean… boots with Lightning McQueen on them?"
Monkey: "No… car boots. You know, so I can roll around the house."
Me: "You mean… roller skates?"
Monkey: "Yeah, roller skates."

Monkey Tail Tale #2…Monkey: "I am such a good boy!"
Me: "Yes you are, Buddy."
Monkey: "Yeah, so don't worry, Mommy. I'll tell you any time you do something wrong."

And my personal favorite…Monkey (carrying a toy drill, hammer, and screwdriver): "Mommy, lay down. I'm gonna doctor you."
I lay down. He begins to examine my belly.
Monkey: "Oh, Mommy, I think your belly is just too big! I'm going to have to make you a new one!"
Ahhhhh… if it only worked that way…

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Lynn said...

If it does, send him down my way!!! I love your kiddos. :)