Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An amazing woman with a great giveaway

I am writing with tears in my eyes.  I mentioned recently that I have been thankful for the people we have met through Roo's Down syndrome, and today I want to tell you about one of them.  OK, I'm using a broad definition of the word "met" here... Patti is an absolutely amazing woman... who I've never met in real life.  lol  But she has a beautiful little girl with DS, and she (Patti, not her little girl!) blogs at A Perfect Lily (and also Notes From Home).  You will have a chance to get to know Patti a little better soon, as she has very graciously agreed to let me interview her (Thanks, Patti!), but for today I just have to tell you one incredible thing she is doing.

It has only been a few days since I mentioned Reece's Rainbow, since I let those sweet little babies into my heart and asked you to do the same.  Well, today Patti is giving you a chance to make a difference in the life of one of the Reece's Rainbow children--and giving you a chance to win an iPod Touch in the process.  If you go to Patti's blog and donate to Olga's fund, you will be entered to win the iPod!  (There are other ways to gain additional entries--the details are on the blog post.)  Already, because of Patti's campaign, Olga's fund has gone from $78 to over $3,000!  Is that incredible or what????  Talk about one person making a difference.

So to Patti, you are an amazing woman of God and I am so blessed to be getting to know you.

And to the rest of you, please go to Patti's post and consider donating to Olga's fund.  You are doing a GREAT thing for a little girl who is facing life in an institution, and you have a chance to win a fabulous prize in the process!

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Patti said...

you are TOO KIND. Thank you, Katy, from the bottom of my heart for posting this. LOVE YOU!