Monday, April 1, 2013


What a day! Yesterday we had the privilege of celebrating both Jesus Christ's Resurrection AND Roo's 3rd birthday. Yes, this year Roo's special day fell directly on Easter, so we got to commemorate both occasions at our house.

After so much time feeling like I was drowning in my own house, I am finally starting to have time to really enjoy decorating and party-prepping...

I thought that Peter Rabbit would be a great theme for a combined Easter/Birthday celebration. I scanned in some of the pages from the book and printed the pictures, then mounted them on scrapbook paper and put them in frames. They turned out so cute!

Loved my centerpiece! Daisies, candles, what's not to love?

I put some of the Beatrix Potter picures in the banner too. :-) (And yes, that's Lamb and Monkey in that picture. I think they were 3 and 1 at the time.)

The favors were so cute and fun!

First, Easter baskets. As soon as the kids got up this morning, they got dressed for church, then headed downstairs to find what the bunny had left...

Next up: Breakfast. In our house, Daddy is the pancake king...

(These weren't even his best ones, but I didn't think to grab the camera sooner. It's so fun to see his creations!)

Then one last photo op before church:

Our service this morning was fabulous. The big kids got to be part of a children's choir that sang two songs in front of the congregation, and the message was fantastic--such a great reminder of the hope we have in Christ through His death and resurrection. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Then we came home and prepared to celebrate it all with our families! Party time!

Our family all came out to spend the afternoon with us. The kids LOVE getting to play with their cousins...

The boys all ventured outside, even though it was raining.

But the girls (yep, 7 boys in the family and just 2 girls!) stayed in and made necklaces. 

Time for presents!

And what is a party without cake???

I love making this cake! I rarely do it, but it was too perfect to pass up for an Easter birthday. This is a FABULOUS carrot cake recipe. I posted the recipe--for both the cake and the candied carrot strip decorations--a while back here. Try not to compare my photo with Martha Stewart's, though, 'k?

Roo liked it...


He actually blew out the candles! I couldn't believe it!!!!

So proud to be three...

Because of all the excitement, Roo never really took a nap (not counting the last 10 minutes of our drive home from church), so by about 5:00 he was unbelievably slap-happy. He was standing on the landing halfway down our stairs, throwing Hot Wheels cars down to the bottom, and laughing hysterically every time they landed. It may have seemed a little destructive to outsiders, but he was getting so much joy out of it... and honestly, he was staying in one spot for more than 30 seconds... so we just let him go. I'm pretty sure it was even videotaoped.

Anyway, the entire day was a SMASHING success, and we now have a THREE-YEAR-OLD! If you haven't already seen this on my Facebook page, check out the difference a couple of years can make...

Happy birthday Roo!

And happy Easter to you all!

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