Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Last week was a stressful one for my family. Nothing Roo-related, and nothing health-related for any of us, so don't worry, but nothing I can share with the "World-Wide Web" either. Just stress. If I had to describe the week in one word, it would be "tight." I felt like I was being pulled in all directions, like I was pulling with all my strength to keep my head above water, like there was tension everywhere. Tight.

And now, there is relief. Some resolution, some just letting go, but relief in any case. I can breathe again. Smile--and mean it.

But the tightness has been replaced with something else. And that something is chocolate. I don't know why, but since I woke up yesterday morning, all I want to do is eat chocolate.

This is not a new feeling for me. When I am depressed, I want chocolate. When I am feeling lazy, I want chocolate. But I am not feeling those things now. In fact, I have been eating better and going to the gym and am seeing how much those things have been helping my phsycial AND emotional wellness--it's been lovely.

But for some reason, the release of last week's tension has left me with a major chocolate craving. I tried to satisfy it with a small Reece's cup. Then I tried... well... SIX small Reece's cups. Then maybe a few mini-Hershey bars and Nestle Crunch eggs. (Darn that Easter candy.) But it refuses to be quenched.

So I went to the grocery store (on a non-grocery-store-day, which is hard for me to do--I'm a creature of habit) and stocked up on fruits. Hopefully the sweetness of the mangoes and strawberries and bananas will trick my brain.

And if not, I'll just dip them in chocolate sauce first.

Have you ever had a craving that is just taking over? Any good tips, other than just strong will and lots of self-discipline?

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The Mercers said...

Long story short; last year I had some health issues and decided to start eliminating things from my diet. Sugar has always been a big craving. I read that eating almonds helps with chocolate cravings. Honestly, I don't remember why. I also started tracking everything I ate using the MyFitnessPal app. It makes you realize what you are eating and how much. I had some major stressors this past winter and I lapsed a bit on the chocolate b/c of all the holidays. Trying to get back to normal myself!