Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Last week Lamb's class made books about their families. Each page contained a writing prompt of the beginning of a sentence, followed by blank lines for the student to complete the thought. Lamb's book described our family's favorite outdoor activities, thing to do together, and other fun tidbits.

And then I laughed out loud. I turned the page, and the prompt read "What makes our family unique is..." Above it was my 7-year-old's rendering of her baby brother--no surprise there. Roo definitely makes our family unique. But what made me laugh--and cry--was her explanation. Her sentence read, "What makes our family unique is my little brother Roo, because he can't have hair. And he has Down syndrome."

Roo makes us unique... because he "can't have hair." The Down's was there, but it was an afterthought. When she thought about her little brother being different, she thought about his bald head.

I love it. We are unique, thanks to our bald 3-year-old.

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