Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Weekend Zoo: Fun for the Whole Family

It's been a great day here at the zoo.  Earlier today I had a chance to share my journey with a wonderful group of women at a Ladies' Luncheon at a local church.  We (my mom and mother-in-law went with me) had a great time--the food was delicious, the program was great, and everyone was so nice.  I had a chance to see some old friends and meet lots of new people.  And here's the best part--the kids were at home with Mr. Fantastic, so I could actually just relax and enjoy.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  ;-)  Honestly, though, this was my first opportunity to speak publicly since Roo was born, and it felt great to get up there again.  I mean, sure, I cried and not all of it was fun stuff, but... I love doing it.  Thanks to all of the ladies who were there and made me feel so welcome.

I came home just in time to change clothes, feed Lamb an early dinner, and then get her ready for the Daddy-Daughter Dance at school. My little sweetheart is a total princess and an absolute Daddy's girl, so this was like a dream come true for her!  I wish I had pictures to share, but the camera is with them at the dance.  I hope they are having a fabulous time.

Meanwhile I got to spend some quality time with my boys.  Monkey has been complaining about his legs hurting a lot (I think/hope it's growing pains...), so I rubbed his legs while we listened to an Adventures in Odyssey story.  My kids love those, and they are definitely worthwhile.  (They are actually intended for slightly older kids, but overall they are great stories for any age.)

And now the boys are in bed, Cinderella & Prince Charming--I mean, Grace & Mr. Fantastic--won't be home for another 45 minutes or so, and I am listening to the sound of glorious silence.  I don't know how to type a deep peaceful sigh, but that's what I just did.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend as well.  Stay tuned, because next week will bring the next installment of my adoption story, a much-overdue follow-up to my allowance post many moons ago, a link to my very first guest post (yay!), and more!  :-)

Have a great weekend.

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