Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This morning I woke up thinking about a blog post I wanted to write. It was about the relationship between my desire to be in control (especially of things over which I have NO control) and worry. You know, like I can't control the things that the mean boy on the bus says, so I worry about Lamb riding the bus. I'm not explaining it well, I fear, but that is why it's an idea-in-progress and not an idea-in-print. :-)

But little did I know that God intended to teach me a lot today about worry--and about who is in control.

If you "like" Diary of a Zookeeper on Facebook, you already know that I ended up in the ER with Roo today. He has croup (Who gets croup in July, anyway?!?), and it took two breathing treatments and the steroid before they consented to let us go home--and even then his breathing still didn't sound great--but it was improved enough that the doctor was comfortable to let us take him home. 

In the grand scheme of things, this is not a major thing. But today I knew without a doubt that I was not in control, and I was definitely worried. At first. 

And then I remembered who IS in control. And then I was able to look at the day and see just how in control He really is, and how He watched over us throughout the day. 

My parents (who yesterday kept the two boys while I took Lamb in for x-rays) kept the two big kids for me, so I didn't have to take all three. 

There was almost no wait at the ER. 

Our nurse was great--friendly, perky (but not annoyingly so), helpful, and knowledgable. 

While our resident was a total... Well, I won't go into my thoughts on that guy and how on earth he made it this far into a medical career... But our attending physician was PHENOMENAL, and I was so thankful for him. 

My wonderful husband had a day with no appointments, and came and sat with me in our little ER room for 4 hours. 

Roo was quite lethargic, which obviously isn't a good thing, but it made it SO much easier to hold him for 4 hours straight. 

We got to bring him home instead of being admitted. 

And my personal favorite... I stopped by Giant Eagle to pick up some medicine for Lamb (which is a whole other story) and decided to pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner because I was just too worn out to cook, and they were all out. Well, they had more cooking, but they weren't going to be ready for another 35 minutes. And this wonderful manager, this angel in disguise, had the kid behind the counter get an 8-piece chicken dinner ready for my family (a meal that costs $13.99), walked away, then came back with a $15 gift card and said, "Dinner is on me." I just about cried right there in the store. 

Those were the blessings in my day, the reminders that God IS in control and that He is watching over us. And now, as Roo sleeps peacefully, I know that we might have to make another ER trip... Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, maybe one year or five years or ten years down the road. And I won't be in control. But I know who is. 

And I'm not worried. 

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CMSavage6 said...

What a blessing at the store. I follow you on Facebook and was praying for you and Roo as soon as I saw the post. Further down the page I found your post that he was at least coming home. So thankful. Hopefully, things settle down for you. And you can stay out of the er for a few days.