Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's official...

You are looking at the newest Mommy Blogger on MOPS International's Mom-ology blog! OK, well, you're not really looking at her... but you're... well, you know... reading her words.

Wait, let me try this again.

It's official! I am now a regular blogger on MOPS International's Mom-ology blog! (Whew, that was better.) My first post is up as of today! :-) Hopefully my bio and photo will be added to their "Meet our Mom Bloggers" page by the end of the week. This is such an incredible opportunity for me--I am so flipping excited!!!! Twice a month I will have the chance to share a little bit about our zoo with the whole MOPS reading audience, and hopefully encourage other moms in the process. God is doing amazing things through our little Roo.

So anyway, you can find my latest post here. Would you hop on over and show a girl some love? We writers don't tend to be the most secure bunch, you know. We need affirmation. ;-)

Thanks friends!

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