Friday, July 8, 2011

Faith in Action, Days 7 & 8: Kindness cooks & reading books

Happy Friday! Is it just me, or is the summer absolutely FLYING BY?!? Lamb is only going into first grade, and already I miss when all of my kids were "little" and we didn't have to worry about dumb old school schedules. I actually wish (and those of you who have known me IRL for any length of time will probably fall over laughing at this) that I had my act together enough to homeschool her... not forever... just for a year or two. But I don't.  So we're going to have to pack as much fun as we can into the next 6 or 7 weeks.

Yesterday's project was to bake a cake for someone, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. My kids love helping in the kitchen, especially Monkey.  Take a look at how our project went...

It takes a super hero to bake a cake from scratch!

And a beautiful princess, of course.  :-)

Now THAT is some sisterly love right there.

She made sure there was enough left for herself, though. :-)

Monkey's cars had to watch.

The finished product!  Complete with yellow sugar sprinkles (which you totally can't even see, but that's what Monkey picked out...) and dolphin sprinkles (Lamb's choice).

This was my favorite day of the FIA month so far.  I had tons of fun making the cake (& frosting) with the kids, and I loved listening to them decide who should get the cake.  They settled on a GREAT family.  Not only is the little boy Monkey's favorite person in the world--and both of their kids are great friends to my kiddos--but their mom has been a super friend to me, always willing to lend a hand with babysitting or meals when we needed them or anything else.  She has shown our family so much kindness, I was so happy to be able to do a little something in return.

And as we baked the cake, we talked about other ways to show kindness.  The kids came up with all kinds of things we could give people, so I asked them how we can show kindness without "things."  That really got them thinking.  I loved hearing all of their ideas!  Everything from hugs & kisses to just the tone of voice we use when we talk to someone.  And on the way to our friends' house, we all took turns praying for the family.  It was such a great day with my kids!

Today my task is to start on a book that Mr. Fantastic and I are going to read together.  Also... I am ashamed to admit that I got behind on my Bible reading--I missed the last TWO DAYS. And since the reading is 4-5 chapters per day, I have my work cut out for me tonight!  I just completely and totally forgot about it.

So I guess I'd better quit jabbering and get reading!  Talk to you soon...

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That corgi :) said...

that looks like a fun project to do with your children and then to share it with someone; neat you prayed for the family too as you were delivering the cake (which looked delicious BTW). And talking about kindness and actions to take is such a great thing to incorporate into their lives at a young age!

Don't ever be ashamed to admit that you got behind on Bible reading; sometimes plans to read the Bible in a predetermined time or so many chapters per day, etc can get overwhelming with all the things of life especially with young children at home. And then people feel so bad for being behind that they stop reading. What matters most is that you are reading the Bible not if you are on schedule (make sense?) If I'm reading the Bible straight through, it takes me about 13-14 months (these days I'm doing different studies on this or that but always trying to be in the word 5/7 days of the week, weekends sometimes are hard). So just keep reading, savoring the very word of God in it and what he wants to teach you, show you, no matter if it takes a bit longer to get through it or you fall off plan for a bit.

enjoy the weekend :)

(thanks for your kind comment; Koda was a wonderful gift from God when we needed the comic relief he brings us when things were really hard in those treacherous teen years; he holds a very special place in our heart, indeed :)