Sunday, July 3, 2011

Faith in Action: Day 3

It's Sunday... I love Sundays.  We've been at our church for 2 years now, and since our first visit there I have loved Sundays.  I love the music, the sermons, the classes, the people.  I love going out to lunch together (which we don't do as often as we used to...), spending Sunday afternoons together, or even the occasional Sunday afternoon nap.

The preceding paragraph is what I repeated to myself over and over this morning... Everything I said there is completely true, but I'm just wasn't feeling it today.  I woke up tired and grumpy... and remember that post about how I shouldn't be mad at my kids just for waking up?  Well, today I was.

But sometimes when you have nowhere to go but up... you go up.  So the day has definitely gotten better.  I enjoyed our church service, as I knew I would, and then we went out for pancakes, and home for naps--and I actually got to take a nap!  Now Lamb is making a craft, the boys are still asleep, and I am getting some much-needed peace and quiet.  Ahhhhhhhh.

As for my FIA tasks, yesterday I read my assigned Bible chapters, something that will continue every day this month, although I haven't done today's yet.  And today I will start a gratitude journal, which couldn't be better timed!  I want to use this journal not as a place to write big long entires, but to just jot down things that I am thankful for. This month, I hope to specifically track things that I am discovering about myself, my family, my life, God, etc, as I go through this journey; but as time goes by I may do things like... list 10 things I'm thankful for about my husband... or 5 reasons it's good that my kids are morning people... or something like that.  Also for today--and really this whole week--I am trying to be very prayerful about this "project" and making sure that I am growing from it and honoring God through it.

But for now, I'd better go wake up my husband... and figure out where we're going to see fireworks tonight!

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