Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Play date

My husband and I have said for years that our friendships would eventually be shaped by our kids' friends. We would meet other parents at Boy Scout meetings or soccer games or choir concerts or… whatever. They would become the people we spent time with.

Today I had the opportunity to let one of my children shape some of my friendships, but it was in a way I never imagined. Today I met six moms (and two dads!), each of whom has a child with Down syndrome. And it was the most normal I have felt in the three months since Roo's diagnosis.

Today I didn't have to explain what PT and OT mean. I didn't have to explain why Roo doesn't do some of the things a "typical" 5-month-old can do. I didn't have to wonder what someone meant by "How are you?" I didn't have to wonder if being frustrated or disappointed would be interpreted as disappointment in my son. I didn't have to wonder if being happy would be interpreted as a lack of caring. I could just be. And they all knew. They all understood.

Today I got a glimpse of what my little boy might look like in a year or two. And the answer is… pretty darn cute.

As if I didn't already know. ;-)

Today I met some new friends. Roo doesn't know it yet, but so did he.

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