Friday, September 17, 2010

Can you hear what I'm thinkng?

So here's the deal, friends.  Lately I've had a lot of deep & important thoughts... that I haven't been sharing with you.  Why would I do something so cruel?  I mean, I know you've all been just hitting that refresh button over and over waiting for my next deep-and-important post, right???  Well, it's written.  In my head.

In the meantime, my full-time nanny/housekeeper/personal massage therapist/hair stylist has not yet arrived in the mail.  (Darn Amazon.)  So until that happens... or until I invent a thought-to-text translator (and then become a millionaire)... I'm having a very hard time getting posts written.  And laundry done.  And dishes done.  And taking a shower.

In an attempt to remedy this--and to prevent "the crazy" from taking over--I'm going to implement an old favorite organization/clean-up method.  Are you ready to hear about it?
The Method: Timed Intervals
The Basics: Set a timer for 20 minutes.  Work on one floor of the house (we have 3) until the timer goes off.  Go to another floor.  Repeat.
The Goal: To get some basic clean-up done throughout the house, and to provide myself with both motivation to get started and limits to keep from getting overwhelmed.

I like this method because it also allows for kid-friendly breaks.  If Monkey needs me, I can tell him I will help him as soon as the timer goes off.  If Roo needs me immediately, I can pause the timer.  If I need a little reward, I can add a 5-minute break in between work segments.  And as an added bonus, I'm always surprised by how much I can accomplish in 20 minutes of concentrated work.

So that's what I'm off to do today.  And possibly tomorrow.  And hopefully, I'll be hit with some new deep & important thoughts comparing cleaning house with our spiritual lives, and I'll actually be able to TYPE. THEM. OUT.  Stay RIGHT THERE on the edge of your seat.  I'll be back.

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Christine Makowsky said...

I do the timer method, too! And in between, I reward myself with chocolate.

Oh, and that nanny/housekeeper/massage therapist must be on backorder, I have been waiting for mine a long time! :)