Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Weekend Zoo: Love is Confusing

So my precious Lamb has had her first major disagreement with a friend. She is so torn up over the whole thing, and parts of it make my heart hurt, too… but I also think it's just a teeeeeny bit funny. Because it's one of those situations where you see the train wreck coming, but you just can't stop it.

Here is what Lamb knows:
  • The Bible tells us to love our enemies.
  • Satan is God's enemy.
Do you see what's coming?

Here is what Lamb shared with her friend: "We are supposed to love Satan."

Now of course, Lamb and I have had a chance to talk this whole thing through… both the actual thought process and the argument that she had with her friend (who adamantly disagreed with Lamb's conclusion)… and she and her buddy will be back to normal in no time… but what I'm really wondering is…

How many people at our local elementary school think that we have taught our 5-year-old to love Satan?

1 comment:

Mike said...

Lo. So funny.

Pretty surprised she made that conclusion. It's a fairly obvious one, but people don't seem to make it very often. I think the real theological kicker, though, is whether God loves Satan in the same way He loves us.