Saturday, November 6, 2010


No, really. I know on Wednesday I wanted to yell it into the mic at Bible study, but today I actually mean it. I want to share some good stuff that's happening here at the zoo.

  1. I took Roo to the ophthalmologist (Really? That's how you spell it? Thanks, spell-checker.) on Thursday afternoon. We had some stressful moments—on the way to the appointment, Lamb's school called me and asked if I could come pick her up (I asked Mr. Fantastic to go, and then I was loaded with Mommy Guilt because that meant that I wasn't there and that he had to take off work to do this, but he handled it GREAT); after being in the office for 45 minutes, we hadn't even been called up to give our insurance information… and when I finally asked about it, they realized that they had us on the schedule for next Thursday (they got us in quickly after that, though); and the appointment itself took much longer than I expected because it takes about 30 minutes for the dilation drops to take effect. BUT the exam itself was very quick and painless… aaaaaannnnnnddddd… (drum roll, please)… Roo's eyesight is totally normal!!!!!! This completely exceeded my expectations, and I was higher than a kite! I never knew how good "normal" could feel! J
  2. Yesterday, Mr. Fantastic and I went to a conference put on by DownsEd. If you have or work with a child with Down syndrome, and haven't ever gone to one of their conferences, check out their schedule and find one. It was very worthwhile. I left that place yesterday with more hope for Roo than I have had since the day of his diagnosis. Really. (And it was also nice to see some friendly faces of people I have met through our local Down's support group. J)
  3. Because of the conference, we had childcare all day, so my wonderful hubby and I got to spend the entire day together and even went out to dinner last night. It was so nice and so needed. J
  4. I'm running away! "All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside your door…" OK, so I'm actually sitting on the floor, and I'm not going on a plane of any kind. But some women from our small group at church are going on a little overnighter, and I am so. flipping. excited. It's not like the women's retreats that many of us "church folk" are used to—there are no speakers, no sessions, no hotel food. It's just a group of us, at a lake house, relaxing, recharging. We hang out together, we hang out alone, we take walks, we scrapbook, we read, we sleep. All of the things that we don't typically get to do at home. It's just 24 hours-ish, but it is something I have been looking forward to since… well, since I got home from it last year. J

So no "Weekend Zoo" this morning, because this is the only post I have time to write before I take off for my little getaway. But hopefully I'll have some time to do some writing while I'm gone, and I'll come back a happy woman who is just a liiiiiiittle less sleep-deprived.

Have a great weekend.

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Patti said...

YAY Katy!! That is all so awesome to hear! Those little scrapbooking getaways were the key to my sanity (in the craziness I described in my email)- you go girl!! Come back refreshed and ready to take on the world!:)