Friday, November 19, 2010


Our last few days have been lots of fun, but very busy. So when Mr. Fantastic and I got home from a date last night ("Due Date"… just save yourself the time and money. Really.), I was thrilled to look at my calendar and see a big fat NOTHING for today. Actually, at 5:00 I'm supposed to go to a Christmas craft fair with my mom and mother-in-law, but I had the entire day here at home with my boys. And since next week will be full of cooking, eating, and shopping (We'll talk more about Black Friday in another post.), I need to focus the next few days on just keeping the house in order. So today was set to be a day of straightening, playing, cleaning, reading dinosaur books, etc.

That was the plan. Well, that was my plan. Apparently it's not how God thought it should go.

First, a confession. I didn't wake up with my full dose of compassion and patience this morning, so when Lamb also woke up less-than-happy, I had only frustration and short fuse to share with her. Poor girl. And so, when Monkey came up and said, "Mommy, I'm sick", I responded (as any good, encouraging, upbeat mother would), "No you're not. Go get dressed." Oops.

To be fair, this has become a common statement in my house, ever since Lamb actually was sick a few weeks ago. Now, any time that my kids are tired, crabby, or otherwise unhappy, they hope that "I'm sick" will get them out of whatever it is that they might not want to do. And he really didn't seem all that sick when he said it. He did seem rather sick, though, when he threw up at the breakfast table.

This is not a problem, I told myself. In fact, if it has to happen, today is a perfect day. I can turn on the TV for him, Roo can catch up on some much-needed naps, and I will get TONS done! Woo-hoo!

By 9 AM, Monkey was on his third outfit of the day. He was quite content to watch TV, but he wanted Mommy to watch it with him. I cleaned the kitchen, then sat down to some good old "Go, Diego, Go!" I tried doing some work that I could do while sitting, some craft prep or some online shopping or something like that, but then Roo chimed in. He hasn't thrown up, but he also has not wanted to be put down.

Distractions, distractions, distractions.

I recently finished a study called Becoming a Woman of Simplicity by Cynthia Heald. One of my favorite parts was her story about distractions. I wanted to quote it for you, but (of course) cannot for the life of me find my book right now. But basically she had set aside a day to work (writing), and interruptions kept popping up. She was getting frustrated… until she realized that the distractions were her work. These "interruptions" to her day were the things that God had placed in her day for her to do.

That's what my boys are today. They aren't distractions. They are the most important way I could spend my time. Snuggling, holding, tending to them. Loving them. This is what today is all about.

What "distractions" might just be more important than what's on your agenda today?

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