Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Weekend Zoo: 10 things you should know about our Saturday

Welcome to a new addition, "The Weekend Zoo."  On select weekends (as in, whenever I can), I will give you a (hopefully) humorous look into our everyday life... or, I guess, our weekend life.

So here are 10 things you should know about our day so far:
1 - I tried some new "mix-ins" in our pancakes this morning--white chocolate chips & craisins.  They were a hit.
2 - We do NOT have dessert after pancakes (or any breakfast, actually--just lunch and dinner--but especially not after pancakes.)
3 - This was NOT well-received today, even though it is the rule EVERY day.
4 - Monkey just came downstairs wearing nothing but Buzz Lightyear underwear.
5 - The underwear were backwards.
6 - I wanted to take a picture, but my camera batteries (both of them!) were dead.  And besides, there are weirdos out there, so I'm not sure I want a picture of my backwards-underwear-clad 3-year-old on the net.
7 - Roo's favorite new hobby is chewing on his toes.
8 - And making high-pitched squeals.
9 - Lamb has had a fever for 3 days now, but it seems to be declining.  (It's been 101 - 102 since Wednesday afternoon, but this morning was only 99.3.)  We're spending one more day at home, and hopefully we'll be able to go trick-or-treating tomorrow.
10 - We've got fun crafts planned for today, and if they turn out well--and I remember to charge the battery for my camera--I'll make sure to post some pictures.  They'll probably just be edited in to this post, so check back later...!

OK, time for kitchen clean-up and craft prep!  Have a great weekend!


Wren said...

I love that you give your kids dessert after lunch and dinner....Landon gets a "treat" as we call it in our house after lunch and dinner too. It is usually something simple like an andies mint or animal cookies and he ALWAYS asks for one after breakfast! :)

Jennifer Godale said...

Wow. Nice moms. We don't do dessert after meals.

But I do find other times to offer them treats-- or maybe one x a week make a special baking item.

I do however let them have breakfast in bed sometimes on the weekends. They think that is really neat

Katy said...

I love the breakfast in bed idea! How fun! You have to keep in mind that what we have after meals is very loosely defined as "dessert"--it is typically a single piece of Halloween/parade candy or a few Skittles or something. :-)