Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look what I got!!!

How freaking cute is this???

And yes, I know it's a mommy kangaroo, but beggars can't be choosers, 'k?  I'll probably take the baby out before we go trick-or-treating.


cjsmomma said...

Oh my goodness Katy, that is the cutest thing I have seen. I love it and Joey looks so adorable in it! And just so you know, I read your blog all the time and you are such a huge inspiration to me. Thank you!


Autumn Manzo said...

So I just got the connection with why you call him Roo....Joey, I get it! Very cute. =)

Scott and Deb said...

Holy Cow!! Cutest baby costume ever!!

Christy, said...

stopping in from SITS on fb and a new follower
It's Friday, I'm Hopping is going on now

Sarah said...

Adorable costume! My middle's nickname is Alligator and we managed to find one of those for her first halloween a few years ago!!

(stopping by via SITS on FB)