Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Give me words to speak

I need to tell you all something, but we need to be clear on one thing first. I am not bragging. This is not coming from a place of pride, but of complete and utter humility.

Here goes:
This Thursday I will be speaking at Heritage Christian Church for their MOPS group. My talk, "Created to be", is one of my favorites. But it is different every time. And can I just say that... this time... the words that God has given me to speak... are just fantastic. I am so honored and humbled and THRILLED to get to share these thoughts, this journey, with these moms. This is absolutely a moment when I realized that I could not have put this talk together myself--thank you, Lord, for giving me words to speak.

If you're in Columbus, OH, this Thursday, you should come check it out. (Details are on my Upcoming Events page.)

(Disclaimer: Childcare is full, except for the 2/3-year-old room. What a great problem for a MOPS group to have!)

If you're not in Columbus, would you pray with me that God uses these words to touch hearts? They have already touched mine.

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