Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Daytripping, a comparison

What it looks like when a dad goes on a day trip...
The night before: Go to bed
The morning of: Get up, get dressed, and leave

What it looks like when a mom goes on a day trip...
The night before:
  • Set out clothes for everyone for the next day, so there are no "Daddy outfit" incidents
  • Put everyone to bed
  • Straighten house
  • Fold one last load of laundry
  • Pack lunches
  • Write note to hubby, explaining what time to wake up each child, what time the buses come in the morning (yep, there's 2 of them!), what time buses come in the afternoon, what to do for dinner, and what time to put the kids to bed
  • Finish preparations for the next day that she couldn't do while running kids all over God's creation after school
  • Go to bed way too late
The morning of:
  • Get up way too early
  • Get showered and dressed
  • Paint toenails, primp, etc.
  • Pack an extra pair of shoes, since the cute ones aren't comfortable and the comfortable ones aren't cute
  • Pack makeup in case she needs to freshen up
  • Pack toothbrush and toothpaste because she KNOWS she'll need that
  • Put dinner in the crock-pot
  • Set out everything the kids need to pack in their bookbags
  • Wake hubby up--remind him to check the note for details, warn him that one child went to bed absolutely heartbroken because he forgot to bring his homework home and may potentially have to "flip his card" and/or miss a whopping 2 minutes of recess so that he can complete said homework (Or maybe not. He's a worrier.)
  • Put reminder on phone to call youngest child's school to make sure it's OK for a family friend to get him off the bus (oops)
  • Leave, wondering what is actually going to get done and PRAYING that the evening/bedtime goes smoothly so that I--I mean, SHE--will be able to leave the house alone again someday
True story.

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