Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have started and restarted this post at least 20 times now. I am literally tongue-tied. There is no way to get all creative and witty and... bloggy with this post, so I'm just going to say it...


What?!? I was sitting right there watching him, and I still can't quite make sense of what I saw!

After being a grump the entire day, I gave Roo an early bath with the intention of then getting him to bed early. But then I had to wait for Monkey to change and brush his teeth and all that, since the boys share a room; and while I was waiting, Roo got hit with a major surge of energy. He started hopping and spinning and laughing and... just plain being wild.

And he started hopping FAST, like he was a charging (hopping) bull and just suddenly started crawling on his feet and hands, and then just stood up (while still moving) and WALKED ACROSS THE ROOM! And these were not slow, uncertain, toddling steps. He was practically running--but he was totally in control. It was AMAZING!


And then as quickly as he started, he stopped. He dropped back to his knees, laughing the entire time. And for the rest of the night, every time I tried to get him on his feet, he'd go completely limp.

Have I mentioned that he is, without a doubt, my most strong-willed child?

But I just can't get over those steps, that scene. He WALKED. For real.

This just furthers my belief, friends, that he is capable of doing so many things, but is too darn stubborn to give in and do them.

Have I mentioned that my baby boy WALKED tonight?


Rachel said...

That is so amazing! Praise the Lord!

Meg said...

JOY!! Katy, overwhelming joy.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! So exciting! My son isn't quite walking yet, but whenever I read your blog entries about Roo, I feel like you're talking about my life! Keep writing, it's very encouraging!

Laurie Kowalski said...

That is such wonderful news!!! I always say the highs are way higher with our kids!! Love to all of you!

Becca said...

How WONDERFUL!!! What an amazing sight!