Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reflections on a sick day

I’m not sick. Monkey is. We had a perfectly great play date yesterday with some of our favorite buddies (Thanks, Megan & boys!), had a nice quiet evening at home, and everyone (well, everyone under the age of 7) was in bed before 7:30. Victory!!! That is, until 11:30 that night, when Monkey ran crying into our room. :-( He had a teeny bit of a fever, and a whole lot of headache. He also had a cough, but only when he was upset or moving around. I had noticed before bed that his voice sounded a little raspy, but he was feeling fine so I didn’t mention it.

So I got to spend the next 3 hours enjoying some quality time, snuggling my little guy and watching “The Muppet Show”. Yes, THE Muppet Show—the one that I watched as a kid, although even then it must have been reruns, because according to Wikipedia (What? What else am I going to do while watching “The Muppet Show” at 1 in the morning???) it ran from 1976 to 1981. Maybe that explains why I never knew the celebrity guest hosts.

Anyway, I finally got Monkey back to bed around 2 AM, and he slept until almost 9:30, which is hugely late for him. If it weren’t for a snoring hubby and a baby that woke up crying at 3:30, I would have been able to get a decent chunk of sleep from 2 until 7, when Lamb gets up for school.

Monkey is acting fine today, although his voice is still a little foggy. Unfortunately, today was supposed to be our big “date day”—my parents were going to keep Roo for the day while Monkey and I went out and celebrated the start of his preschool next week. (Yes, it’s a late start.) Instead, we’re spending the day at home. But you know what? Some days I am absolutely itching to get out of this house… today I was so thankful to throw on my sweats and know that I wouldn’t be setting foot outside. It is cold (after a nice Indian summer) and rainy and the perfect day for relaxing at home.

So all that to say, I have had several little sleep-deprived deep and introspective reflections throughout the day. The first was that I need to take a break from my personal Facebook account (I will still be posting at Diary of a Zookeeper). I have been thinking about it for a while, and now is as good of a time as any, so TTFN, Facebook. But that means that I could not share my rantings pointless wonderings babbling stream of consciousness keen insights with my tens of Facebook friends… so to preserve them for posterity, I will share them here with you now.

• What could possibly be better than a peanut butter, banana, honey, and cinnamon sandwich? A Nutella, banana, honey, and cinnamon sandwich, of course!

• When I plan to be away from the house all day (and thus, not getting any work done), I don’t feel nearly as guilty about not getting housework done when my plans change and I am home for the day. I am actually able to enjoy decorating for fall, reading, watching TV with my boys, etc.

• I don’t know if one can necessarily call it “decorating for fall” when said decorations are 3 candles, a welcome mat, and some gourds. (OK, there might be a little more to it than that, but seriously… not much more.)

• I really hope that Oreo will come out of Roo’s super-cute brand-new outfit that I for some reason chose to put on him on a day when we’re not leaving the house. In retrospect, a bib may have been a good option. Or just stripping him naked. Or maybe I just shouldn’t have Oreos in the house.

• I’m not sure why I waited until I was 32 to read Gone with the Wind. I’m pretty sure that should be a punishable offense. It is fascinating.

• “The Muppet Show” theme song can get a surprisingly strong grip on your brain after a while…

• By this time last year, Lamb had already missed multiple days of school. Even though I miss her when she’s at school each day, I am so glad to report that she has not missed a single day yet this year.

• I have surprised myself at my own hesitancy every time someone asks me if I would go back to Africa. But the truth is, my hesitation is only because I realized on that trip how small I am and how many better-qualified missionaries are out there. I would love to go back—I just worry that it would keep someone better from getting the chance.

• “It’s time to start the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to get things started on The Muppet Show tonight!” I told you, it’s a strong grip…

• I want to have a Halloween party—just a small one with a few of my kids’ friends. I’m pretty sure it’s too late to throw one together.

• I also want to have a great big party with all of our friends. I’m certain that we don’t have time to throw that together.

• I think I’ll just bake some brownies instead.

Gosh, I bet Facebook is really missing me now. That’s right, Facebook! See what you could be experiencing with me? Oh snap.

Oh, and if you happen to still be reading this, please remember that tonight is the last night to enter to win—really! The contest for a $25 Starbucks and a $25 Amazon gift card (I will draw two names—each will get one gift card) ends at midnight! If you have completed any entries but haven’t posted a comment, make sure to do so. And if you have a friend who could use a caffeine fix or some mini-retail therapy online, please share this with them—they can enter to win, too! Just follow the directions on the “Awareness” post.

See you all tomorrow, when I’ll announce the winners!


Meg said...

I sure like you, Katy! This post confirmed it : )

Katy said...

LOL, thanks Meg! I have to admit, I have no idea what is so likeable about this particular post--but I will take it! ;-)