Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two more weeks

In less than weeks, my precious Lamb will be a FIRST GRADER.  I was struck by the reality of it all yesterday when I took her shopping for supplies.  First grade.  I don't wanna give her back.  Can't I just keep her at home?  Yes, I know the answer.  I am welcome to keep her at home--it's called home school.  Amazing invention.  But I am just barely hanging on by a thread as it is--there is no way I could be solely responsible for my children's education as well.  Just sign me up for the nuthouse right now.

Anyway, my blogging lately has been sporadic at best.  I can't blame it entirely on the busyness of summer, because I am finally ready to accept the fact that we are just plain busy all the time.  But right now, the summer--and spending the last two weeks of break with my baby girl--is taking up all of my time and energy.

So I'm here to ask you... please be patient with me.  I want to be here with you all, sharing what God is sharing with me, filling you in on our continuing DS journey, telling you about my amazing children.  But for now I need a little more time to BE with my amazing children--and husband!

Just two more weeks.  I really think I can be around more then.  Until then, I will still be posting.  Look for my next Family Forest post later today.  Roo and I are at Children's Hospital right now, getting his hearing tested.

Stay tuned..........

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