Sunday, August 28, 2011

Questions over Cheerios

As Lamb, Roo, and I sat at the breakfast table this morning (Monkey is sick and Mr. Fantastic was upstairs with him), she seemed unusually quiet. After some probing, it turned out she had some questions on her mind...

"Is Down syndrome a sickness?"

"Is it good or bad?'

"I thought you said he would have Down syndrome for his whole life.  But if they can fix his heart, why can't they fix the Down syndrome, too?"

A year ago I would have been devastated by these questions, but today they had a certain sweetness to them. She wants to understand, she wants simple answers to complicated questions. I can definitely relate. And I can also appreciate her next question...

"Do we have any kiwi left?"

Sometimes you need to ponder life's mysteries, and sometimes you need to accept them and move on.

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