Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Five years ago today... I had planned a Spring Break Tea Party for Lamb (who was 4 at the time). We had a special, Fancy Nancy-inspired menu...

gem-enhanced silverware...

and friends coming over in their princess-wear finest.

Five years ago today... I still had three weeks left until my due date.

Five years ago today... I decided to get a few last things for Easter baskets. I took my kids to my parents' house before making a quick run to Target... and then my mom noticed (sly detective that she is) that I was having pretty hard contractions about every 7-8 minutes, so she thought maybe she should come with me.

Five years ago today... I woke up looking like this...

(Well, more or less... This was taken about 6 weeks earlier in Vegas... but when your baby comes by surprise, you don't have much time to get those last-minute baby belly shots!)
and ended the day like this...

Five years ago today... I had no idea what a wild and crazy and absolutely wonderful ride I was about to take.



Today... I shake my head at the wonder of it all.


Today... I thank God that He loves me enough to entrust me with this boy (and his big brother and sister).
Today... I celebrate 5 years with this incredible boy.
Today... Roo has something to tell you.

Happy birthday, Roo! I love you!

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Roo! Happy Labor Day, Mama! Love and blessings to you..