Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Celebrate Good Times

It is day 2 of "The Week of Roo", and this morning I just want to share a few pictures from The Big Day.

We'll be celebrating with our extended family over the weekend, but tonight the grandparents--my folks and my mother-in-law--came out for dinner and a mini-party.

If you saw the video I posted yesterday, you may have guessed that my little guy enjoys the birthday song. And that he knows what to do at the end. Months ago, he started "blowing out the candles" at the end of the song, but this was his first time to do it for real. (Well, technically it was his FOURTH time to do it for real, but this was the first time since he started singing the song and pretending to do it.) I wasn't sure if he would really understand what to do. He did.

He also knew what to do after the candles were done.

Earlier in the day, Roo and I had run to the grocery store, and he saw the balloons. And one even said, "Happy Birthday!" What were the chances? It was like a sign. I had to buy it, right?

It was quite possibly the best $4 purchase in the history of ever. He.was.THRILLED.

And what is a birthday celebration without presents?

He had no trouble knowing what to do with those, either!

He immediately needed to read his new books. And Nana was happy to oblige.

It was a fun night. And then it was bedtime. For everyone. :-)

Thanks for indulging me a little with all of the photos for the past couple of days. Tomorrow, more of a real update on Roo. :-)

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