Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ode to Target

Roo and I ventured out to Target this morning. Here is what we found...
  • Two pairs of shoes for Roo
  • One pair of shoes for me
  • One movie ("Night at the Museum"--it was $5!)
  • One Lego set for Monkey
  • One football for Monkey
  • Two sets of sippy cups (They were buy one, get one 50% off, and most of ours have somehow disappeared between Monkey and Roo.)
  • Toddler snacks (since Roo was SO over shopping with me)
  • Color-your-own placemats like they have at restaurants (Love the dollar spot!)
  • A cute Valentine decoration for my kitchen
What was actually on my Target shopping list today...
  • One of the cubical storage systems
  • Open baskets for winter hats, gloves, etc.
Notice that neither of those items are on the first list.

Well played, Target. Well played.

1 comment:

Mdivgirl said...

Gosh, I miss Target. OK, you had me at "shoes." I hate shoe shopping, but having lived a decade in a country that doesn't consider my shoe size to actual exist for women, it would be so nice to buy something other than men's sandals or clogs!