Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Thing

It's World Down Syndrome Day! A day to honor and CELEBRATE the incredible blessing of Roo and all of his extra-chromosome-rockin' pals.

In honor of this special day, an organization called the International Down Syndrome Coalition for Life (ISDC for Life) asked parents, "If you could go back to when your child was diagnosed and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?" Parents were asked to write their answer on posterboard and take a picture. The IDSC for Life then used those photos to make an absolutely beautiful video.

Before I share that video with you, though, I'd like to tell you my "one thing." I didn't get my act together in time to be part of the video, but I spent weeks pondering it. What do I wish I could have told myself? I could write myself a book about how amazing Roo is, what a blessing he is to SO MANY people--not just me. I could tell myself that he is fun and wonderful and handsome and hilarious. I could tell myself that (so far) his medical issues are miniscule compared to what they could be. I could remind myself that this was not an accident or by chance--that God PLANNED this for us, and His plans are so good.

But if I couldn't write myself a book... If I had to pick just ONE THING to go back and tell myself... It would be this:
People--well-intentioned people who love you--will tell you that it gets better.
They are wrong.
It doesn't get better...
Just hold on for the ride.


Jamey... said...

Beautiful. I totally cried.

Jennifer Godale said...

you made me cry... in a good way. Hugs to you and your great, amazing and fantastic guy.