Thursday, September 15, 2011


Here are a few of Monkey's latest takes on life...

Me: "Julius Caesar was a real person who lived a long time ago."  (Don't ask why we were talking about Julius Caesar.  It's a long story.)
Monkey: "Did he die?"
Me: "Well, yes, Honey.  He died a long time ago too."
Monkey (suddenly very serious): "Oh no.  We should pray for his wife."


Forget creation vs. evolution--Monkey has made the most important dino discovery...
"Lamb, dinosaurs are extinct.  So if you smell something really bad, it's all because of the dinosaurs."


His knowledge isn't limited to dinosaurs, though.  He can tell you about sharks, too...
Monkey: "Did you know that sharks don't have bones?  They're skeletons are made of cartilage."
Me: "That's right!  Do you know what cartilage is?"
Monkey: "No."
Me: "It's the stuff that's inside your ears and nose."
Monkey: "Wow!  LAMB!  Sharks' bones are made of BOOGERS!!!!!!!"


And he's loyal, too...
"Mommy, if you get arrested and I'm still a kid and small enough to sneak past the guards, I'll use sharp scissors to cut you out of your cage."

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