Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome to the Zoo!

Good morning, friends. If you are coming over from my previous blog, thanks. :-) If you're wondering why I started a new blog... well, it seems that life has changed dramatically in the time since I last blogged, and I felt like I needed a fresh start. So here we are. If you're just joining me for the first time in the blogosphere, thanks--and welcome. Our own little animal kingdom is a nice place to visit, with new adventures every day... believe me.

Allow me to introduce the animals in our zoo. First is the Lamb. She is our oldest. On the night she was born--around 1 in the morning, actually--the nurse came in to give her a bath. Our baby cried so hard that she started to bleat like a little lamb. She has been our Lamb ever since. :-) She is 5 years old and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. She loves to craft and sing, and she is a morning person, which makes me wonder if we are actually related.

Next up is the Monkey. Oh my, what can I say about this little guy? He is unbelievably sweet and has a sense of humor like I have never seen in a 3-year-old. He is always on the go and constantly chattering. His adventurous and fun spirit leads many to call him Monkey--even people who haven't heard us use it!

And last but not least, our little zoo has recently expanded to include a baby kangaroo--Roo for short. Roo is almost 3 months old, and he is the sweetest little baby I can imagine. I like to tell people that it would be too conceited to say that he's the cutest baby ever, but I would definitely say he's in the top 3. ;-) Roo is actually the main reason that I decided to start this blog, but there's plenty of time to talk about that later.

Of course, every zoo needs a keeper or two, and that's where my husband and I come in. We do our best to care for these animals and raise them right. :-)

So thanks for stopping in. I hope you'll visit again soon--there's always a new adventure here in our zoo.


erin said...

Hi friend! Love the new blog...looking forward to reading more. :)

Love you,

Missy said...

Hi guys! Miss ya!

Jennifer Godale said...

I've missed "hearing" your voice. Been really feeling like I need to be praying for you guys lately. I don't have words for your needs... but know that you are being lifted up the best that I can...